Vegucating Cloughmills

Last year was  a time of great progress at the mill with our efforts to be more sustainable, grow more food and provide opportunities for people to learn new skills in a whole range of areas. 2015 promises a lot more activity and new things happening so keep checking our facebook page, our new website, information in local shops and in the press to keep up to date.

‘Vegucating Cloughmills’ is our big campaign for 2015. We aim to work with our community to encourage the eating of more vegetables, less but better quality meat, the use of cheaper cuts of meat to make delicious food and to explore just how and why eating fruit or vegetables might be good for us. We don’t expect everyone to give up meat but we would love it if you would be willing to try some of the delicious vegetarian cooking happening at the mill or even consider taking part in learning how to do it!

During 2015, we will:

  • organise cooking sessions with toddlers and young children, fun with food for the whole family

  • deliver one pot cookery classes where you can learn to cook delicious food using one pot and minimal ingredients

  • host vegetarian cooking sessions where you can learn to cook without meat

  • encourage people to try ‘Meat free Mondays’ or another day in the week where you experiment with vegetable dishes and we will show you how

  • work with our local butchers to help people understand different cuts of meat and how they can be prepared

  • have community batch cooking sessions where people come together to make great big pots of food for taking home to the freezer

  • engage the services of a nutritionist to help with the ‘Happy and Healthy Cloughmills’ project. This will promote better attitudes to health through diet and will be a mix of educational and practical activities

So, why not join us as we celebrate all that food has to offer us. We would love to hear from people about other things we could try so why not call in at the Old Mill and tell us what you’d like to see happening in our village.   Alternatively you can email us your suggestions at